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Low Pile Area Rug

High Pile Art. Wool

Art Silk, Art Wool Blend

Hand Wooven Wool

450,000 Point Class

Art Silk, Fine Shag

Educational / Fun Rugs

Mold / Weather Resistent

Jumbo Yarn, Art Silk Blend

High Pile, High Density

Art Silk, Fine Shag

450,000 Point Class

High Pile Frize

Machine washable Rug

Machine washable Rug

Multi Yarn, Hand Tufted

High Pile Area Rug

800,000 Point Class

Non Slip

Multi Yarn, Hand Tufted

1,000,000 Point Class

Holds 40 Rugs

350,000 Point Class

Multi Yarn, Hand Tufted

prices vary with quantities per order

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